Hardcover  • Paperback • E-book
  8.5 x 8.5 in or 216 x 216 mm, 32 pages
ISBN : 978-2-902718-00-9 (hardcover)
ISBN : 978-2-902718-11-5 (paperback)
Do you want your child to enjoy reading the best examples of English literature?
Introduce Lear's all-time classic poetry to your little one. Meet an Old Man with a beard, a Young Lady of Ryde, and many more of Lear's waggish and extravagant characters, beloved by generations of readers, young and old.
Hilarious, whimsical, and fun to read, this colourful picture book is designed especially for young children. With its engaging illustrations, full of playful characters and humour, this picture book is sure to become a favourite among little ones.
excellent for young readers ages 4 to 7
large and easy-to-read font
full-page illustrations
perfect for bedtime reading
ideal gift for various occasions
If you are looking for an educating and entertaining book for your child, you need to add this to your home library.
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